• Work for the fastest growing cleaning company in Cincinnati
  • Spend your time working with other energetic and friendly professional cleaners
  • Start out with an EXCELLENT pay rate; one of the best starting rates you'll find
  • Experience our employment benefits; like a free gym membership and guaranteed raises


Work With the Best

Spotless Cincinnati's staff: every single one of our spectacular team members. are all experienced professionals who know how to clean AND have a great time doing it.

Get Paid Like the Best

We believe in treating our cleaners well. This doesn't mean giving you a measly starting pay! We give our team members one of the best starting pays you will find in the cleaning industry.

Guarenteed Raises

Say what?? You heard us right. Every single one of our employees are given a guaranteed raise every 6 months for the first 2 years; no exceptions!

Free Gym Membership

At Spotless Cincinnati, we truly care about the health of our employees. Cleaning can be hard work! We make it just a little easier to stay in shape, by giving each of our employees a free gym membership during their employment with us.

Advancement Opportunity

Who wants to be stuck in the same position forever? No one right? That's why, in addition to our guaranteed raises, we offer our top team members the opportunity to move up. Hard work deserves rewards, and we give them to you.